Mobile App Penetration Testing

Mobile App Penetration testing

Mobile App Penetration Testing as a Service in Chennai

Mobile App Penetration Testing has become the need of the hour as far as using the latest technologies of android & IOS in mobile smartphones are concerned. As technologies have advanced by leaps and bounds over the past few years, mobile technology to the invention of the Android & IOS app has ushered in a whole new dimension. But, what it has also done is that it has made mobile security vulnerable to potential attacks that were not even in the picture during the classical mode of application.

Where enterprises are searching for a mobile app testing company in India, we will helps enterprise secure their android applications from being hacked. When it comes to mobile app security testing company in Chennai, enterprises trust heavily on our technical competencies.

Mobile is the new standard platform for Android & ios application development – from banking applications to healthcare platforms. However, managing risk on these new devices is also a growing challenge, with new app vulnerabilities found every day.

Organized cyber-attacks on Android & ios applications have increased in numbers. Threat actors are increasingly targeting unsecured android apps which have resulted in huge data leaks. Critical data like customer personal information, credit/debit card details are sold on the dark web. Indian Cyber Security Solutions aims in finding out the gaps and providing threat mitigation action plans to enterprises.

Mobile App Penetration Services in Chennai

Penetration Testing for Mobile Applications (Android & IOS Apps)

Nowadays business uses mobile applications to deliver their services to the end customer and this has created a lot of security challenges in front of organizations. We offers a holistic risk assessment for your mobile application.

Mobile applications have becomes an important part of day to day life as everyone is using Android & IOS-based smartphones nowadays. Cybersecurity may often become a false perception in case if we don’t know how our apps were developed as well as vulnerability assessment and penetration testing.

The simplest way to identify and avoid cyber risk is to perform android app vulnerability assessment and penetration testing. As per various reports, 80% of mobile phone users believe that their mobile apps are secure enough or they hardly have any idea about mobile app security.

The primary objective of conducting mobile app penetration testing is to identify exploitable vulnerabilities in the application that can be exploited by the attackers for monetary grain.

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